Limited Edition Locomotive photo
This limited edition locomotive has Mamod Golden Jubilee Year 1939-1989 on each side of the locomotive. It also has an all-brass plate with the serial No. on it. Beautiful plum color. Only 1,000 made. The loco design is based on an old side-tank locomotive. All metal and heavily built throughout. Solid brass fittings. Forward or reverse through variable speed control. Twin double-acting cylinders give smooth power transmission. Combined safety valve and filler cap. Whistle operable from inside cab. Brass buffers, rear panel of cab removable for access to burner and sight glass.

Guage "1" Length 8", 3 1/2"W, 4 3/4"H Weight 2lbs. 2oz.

Model is supplied with steam oil, burner tray, filler funnel, and box of fuel.

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Price: US$795.95

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